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The Functional Approach to Human Performance with Dr. Larry Bell og Dr. Michael Murray


The Functional Approach to Human Performance with Dr. Larry Bell og Dr. Michael Murray
21.10.2017 10.00 - 22.10.2017 - 16.00
Syddansk Universitet - Odense M.


Join this dynamic and extremely hands-on seminar where not only various methods of assessment are shown but also many ways to restore normal function through adjustments, soft tissue, and rehab exercises for a wide range of patients.

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Dr. Mike Murray and Dr. Larry Bell will be teaching a highly dynamic and practical weekend course that will provide participants with insight into neuromuscular human performance and a set of practical treatment protocols that can be directly applied in clinical practice Monday morning.

Drawing upon their extensive combined experience of serving as medical specialists at over 100 national and international sport competitions (including 6 Olympics each), Drs. Murray and Bell will help instill confidence and provide an expanded skill set to the participants.


The weekend will be organized into four sections, each including elements of presentation, discussion, demonstration and hands-on instruction.

Part 1:
Introduction to Kinetic Chain:
This section reviews research and theories from the various leaders in the field such as Yanda, Tom Meyers, Gray Cook, etc.
Here you will begin to learn the concept of integration of the upper and lower body with an emphasis on human performance.
This section reviews foot function and its effect on the entire body.

Part 2:
Functional Assessment and Treatment:
This section involves functional assessment of the upper/lower extremity and treatment protocols to correct biomechanical dysfunction.
Here you are introduced to various soft tissue protocols and adjustment procedures (myofacial release, Graston, etc.). The emphasis is on correcting and improving the functional components in the chain.

Part 3:
Adjunctive Therapies and Procedures:
You will learn the basics of muscles testing and be introduced to a variety of ancillary therapies that are complimentary to the course. This includes various stretching techniques, muscles activation, Mulligan belts, and kinesio taping. These techniques will be integrated into the program throughout the weekend.

Part 4:
Integration and Performance:
This section will show how a field practitioner can integrate various techniques as well as how the myofascial chains interact (i.e. during athletic events or activities). The focus here is on ambulation and running, but you will get a good understanding of the interplay between upper and lower extremities. The instructors may also use live athletes and cases to demonstrate how to incorporate the weekend's topics into a good workflow at the clinic Monday morning.


Drs. Murray and Bell will inspire and motivate you with in-depth practical demonstrations and a sharing of clinical gems. Their goals of the weekend are to provide you with many useful tools that can be used immediately after the seminar in order to treat even the most difficult cases.


The weekend will contain presentation, discussion, demonstration and a lot of hands-on instruction.


Michael J. Murray, DC, FRCCSS(C), FICC, ICCSP: Chiropractor for the Canadian Olympic Rowing Team

Lawrence S. Bell, B.Sc., M.Sc.,DC,FRCCSS(C), FICC, ICCSP

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Rie Toftgaard

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DKK 4.600,00
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Dato og tid

Lørdag den 21. oktober 2017 kl. 10.00 - 17.00
Søndag den 22. oktober 2017 kl. 9.00 - 16.00


Overnatning og middag

Overnatning og middag finder sted på Hotel Knudsens Gaard, Hunderupgade 2, 5230 Odense M

Enkeltværelse DKK 825,-

Dobbeltværelse pr. pers. DKK 515,-

Middag inkl. vin og kaffe DKK 675,-


Senest den 8. september 2017.


Kurset udløser IKKE kompensation for tabt arbejdsfortjeneste.


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Syddansk Universitet   -   Hjemmeside
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